Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Processing Fee : FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the university charging a processing fee for student account payments made by credit and debit card?

A. Credit card processing fees are a significant and rising cost for higher education institutions. Due to the cost of accepting credit card payments, many universities do not accept credit card payments at all.

After a review of our peer institutions and many similar public research universities, the university determined that it is customary to charge a processing fee, rather than subsidizing the fees assessed by credit card companies.

Q. How can I avoid paying a processing fee?

A. The university is committed to providing students and families several options for paying their educational expenses. Payments made by cash, electronic check, check or money order are not charged the fee.

Q. Is this common at other college and universities?

A. Colleges and universities across the country are making similar changes to their credit card payment policies. Some are choosing to not accept credit card payments and others are accepting credit card payments through an outside vendor, which are subject to a processing fee.

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