Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Terp Payment Plan : Terms and Conditions


The enrollment fee is non-refundable. The enrollment fee is $50.00 for the 10-payment plan, $80.00 for the 8-payment plan, and $45.00 for the one semester plan (Fall or Spring only). Graduate Assistants receive a fee waiver.

Allowable Charges

The Terp Payment Plan can be used to pay fixed expenses including: tuition, on-campus housing and meals, the student orientation fee, and campus parking permit charge. It cannot be used to pay past debts, library fines, parking tickets, health fees, winter term or summer term charges. In determining the amount to be budgeted, financial aid awarded or disbursed by the University must be deducted from each semester's costs. The University reserves the right to reduce the budgeted amount if financial aid has not been fully considered in the calculations but it is the student's or enrollee's responsibility to notify the Terp Payment Plan office if they wish to adjust or cancel their plan.

The student or enrollee can adjust the budgeted amount by writing or calling the Financial Service Center at (301) 314-9000 or 1-888-313-2404, and selecting option 5 from the main menu.


Automatic Payment Withdrawals (Debits) will have their checking/savings account automatically debited on the 5th of each month. The monthly student invoice will show a summary of the account activity.


Payments are due on the 5th of the month. Acceptable payment methods are: Automatic debit from a checking or savings account (ACH debit). The Terp Payment Plan does not accept payments by credit cards, online checks or 3rd party checks (i.e. 529 or other prepaid tuition checks). Payments for the academic year begin: July 5 for the 10-payment plan and September 5 for the 8-payment plan. Payments for the Fall semester begin: July 5 for the 5-payment plan and September 5 for the 4-payment plan. Payments for the Spring semester begin: December 5 for the 5-payment plan and January 5 for the 4-payment plan.

Refunds can only be issued for amounts paid which exceed the actual costs. As with other payments received on the student's behalf, overpayments will be refunded only in the STUDENT'S name and sent to the permanent address on record.

Late Payments and Returned Checks

A returned check fee will be assessed on all returned debits or uncollectible ACH debit transactions. A returned check fine of $10.00 is assessed on items of $100.00 or less; the fine is $25.00 for amounts ranging from $100.01 to $500.00. The returned check fine is $50.00 for payments greater than $500.00.

A late payment fee of 1.5% of the monthly payment amount will be assessed on accounts whose payments are not received by the due date (the 5th of each month).

Student Services such as advance registration and transcripts may be denied if the account is at least two payments past due.

Accounts which are at least two consecutive payments past due will be canceled and the balance transferred to the student's account, where it becomes immediately due and payable. In addition, re-enrollment in the Terp Payment Plan will not be permitted in the current academic year.

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