Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Due Dates

Please review Monthly Billing Information

Tuition Due Dates

  • Summer Financial Schedule

    Payment Due Immediately Upon Registration

  • Fall

    If you are registered for Fall: Payment is due:
    By July 25 August 20
    Between July 26 and August 25September 20
    After August 25September 20
  • Winter Financial Schedule

    Payment Due Immediately Upon Registration

  • Spring

    If you are registered for Spring: Payment is due:
    By December 22 January 20
    Between December 23 and January 25 February 20
    After January 25 February 20

Although the Office of the Bursar distributes bills monthly via email or U. S. Postal Service, it cannot assume responsibility for their delivery. Students are urged to regularly check the balance on their Student Account Inquiry. You may obtain a copy of your student account by coming to Room 1135 of the Lee Building and using our self-service inquiry terminals or by using a kiosk in the lobby of the Stamp Union and WAM labs. You may also check on your account balance by telephoning our office during business hours. You can also send your questions to billtalk@umd.edu.

Billing Schedule for Other Charges

The Financial Service Center emails billing reminders each month to students with unpaid financial obligations to the University, or have had any account activity since the previous bills. Billing reminders are sent to the students' email address of record, and students are encouraged to regularly verify the accuracy of their billing address. The schedule for billing dates and payment due dates is as follows (please note that this schedule is subject to change):

Bill GeneratedPayment Due Date
July 23-25August 20
August 23-25September 20
September 23-25October 20
October 23-25November 20
November 23-25December 20
December 22-24January 20
January 23-25February 20
February 23-25March 20
March 23-25April 20
April 23-25May 20
May 23-25June 20
June 23-25July 20
We generate bills on the 25th of each month (or earlier if it falls on a weekend or holiday break).

If there are any questions about this information, please Contact Us.