Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Billing Questions

Questions About Your Bill

General questions about your bill can be answered at the Financial Service Center. The office is located in Room 1135, Lee Building, and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that the Bursar's Office does not have the authority to adjust a charge or a credit posted to your account by another department. Questions about specific items on your account should be directed to the originating department. See the Contact Us page for a list of departments and their phone numbers.

Disputing Your Bill

The Buckley Amendment, effective November 1974, prohibits the University from releasing information to anyone other than the student. Written authorization from the student must be provided for other interested parties. A student or parent who wishes to dispute a specific item on a student account must contact the University department that originated the charge to determine the nature of the adjustment, if any, and the appropriateness of the charge.  All appeals must be made in writing.

Please be aware that late payment fees and finance charges will be assessed on all unpaid balances.  It is advised to pay the entire balance due to ensure your account is in good standing while the disputed amount is under appeal.  If you do not pay the disputed portion, you must include a request for a waiver of financial penalties in your appeal with the department and forward a copy of the request to the Office of the Bursar. 

It is your responsibility to file the appeal with the department, forward a copy of the appeal to the Office of the Bursar, and to ensure receipt from both.  Please Note: Financial penalties will be incurred on all unpaid balances during the appeal process.  If you prevail, a credit of the portion of the financial penalties associated with the amount credited back from the department will be placed on your account.  If your appeal is denied, the financial penalties will remain.  The portion of your bill not in dispute is subject to financial penalties and is not eligible for waiver of these penalties.

If there are any questions about this information, please Contact Us.